Eddystone (outer) Channel Grounds

Lat/long Eddystone (outer) Channel Grounds
50 01.87N
50 01.82N
04 01.95W
04 29.85W
49 58.25N
49 58.40N
04 13.56W
04 20.57W

Location description (1957)
Eddystone 12-15 miles distant bearing north-east to north-west. The bottom here also consists of fine sand and shell gravel with the usual fauna, except that ling and large hake are occasionally taken. The large Lamellibranch Pinna is present on these grounds but is only rarely taken, generally in the trawl.
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Species List >Alcyonium digitatum
Atrina fragilis
Crossaster papposus
Doris sticta
Henricia oculata
Hero formosa
Homarus gammarus
Maja squinado
Ophiura albida
Spatangus purpureus