Homarus gammarus
Common lobster

Homarus gammarus
Homarus gammarus, dorsal view.
Image width ca 60 cm.
Image: Keith Hiscock

Phylum Crustacea
Class Eumalacostraca
Habitat Information
It is found on rocky substrata, living in holes and excavated tunnels from the lower shore to about 60 m depth.
Species description
A large lobster that can grow up to one metre in length, but 50 cm is more common. It is blue-coloured above with coalescing spots and yellowish below. The first pair of walking legs carry massive (but slightly unequal) pincers which can be formidable and dangerous. The body lacks strong spines or ridges and is only slightly granular.
PMF archive information
Species name is listed in the PMF at the following locations:
>Eddystone (inner) Channel Grounds
Eddystone (outer) Channel Grounds
Rum Bay
Wembury bay

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