Atrina fragilis
Fan mussel

Atrina fragilis
Adult Atrina fragilis embedded in sea bed.
Image width ca 150 cm in foreground.
Image: Sue Scott

Phylum Mollusca
Class Pelecypoda
Habitat Information
Lives embedded in lower intertidal and sub-tidal muds, sandy muds or gravels.
Species description
Large (30-48 cm long) triangular, thin, shell tapering to a point, light yellow- brown to dark brown in colour. Fan-mussels live with their pointed end embedded in sediment, attached by abundant fine byssal threads. The posterior (broad) end protrudes from the surface. Often solitary but populations occur as small groups or patches of individuals forming small beds.
PMF archive information
Species name is listed in the PMF at the following locations:
>Eddystone (outer) Channel Grounds
Queens Grounds and New Grounds
Stoke Point Grounds
The Salstone

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