Hero formosa
A sea slug

Hero formosa
Hero formosa on sediment.
Image width ca 3 cm.
Image: Jim Anderson

Phylum Mollusca
Class Gastropoda
Habitat Information
Found on wrecks and muddy sand habitats with scattered shell and rocks. Has a considerable depth range.
Species description
A beautiful and delicate species of sea slug with a single row of bushy, branched appendages down each side of the body and across the front of the head. It can grow up to 38 mm in length and is pale pinkish-brown in colour with white spots scattered down the body and a white centre line along the back. The head bears a pair of greatly enlarged curved oral tentacles.
PMF archive information
Species name is listed in the PMF at the following locations:
Eddystone (inner) Channel Grounds
Eddystone (outer) Channel Grounds
Mewstone Dredging Ground
Mewstone Echinoderm or Corner Ground
Rame-Eddystone or Middle Grounds
Stoke Point Grounds

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