Rame-Eddystone or Middle Grounds

Lat/long Rame-Eddystone or Middle Grounds
50 18.40N
50 17.00N
04 20.99W
04 10.35W
50 13.78N
50 15.00N
04 11.66W
04 20.68W

Location description (1957)
The Rame-Eddystone or Middle Grounds. This name has been used to indicate the grounds extending 3-4 miles on either side of the line from Rame to Eddystone and having depths of from 25-30 fm. Two typical classes of grounds can be recognized in this area: (l) coarse grounds with a bottom soil of muddy gravel on which a few Chaetopterus may sometimes be taken, and the chief hydroids are Halecium halecinum and H. beani; and (2) fine grounds with a bottom soil of fine muddy sand, characterized by a certain amount of Cellaria sinuosa and C. fistulosa and by the hydroid Sertularella gayi. The grounds are very patchy, and the two typical faunas are much intermingled, so that it is only occasionally and after a short haul that a fair representation of either of the two types of fauna is obtained. Either ground can profitably be worked with both the dredge and trawl. On both occasional Chlamys opercularis may be met with in particular spots, and Marthasterias glacialis and Asterias rubens are generally distributed over the area. The following are typical species occurring on the two classes of grounds: COARSE GROUNDS. Hyalinoecia tubicola, Halecium halecinum, and H. beani, Atelecyclus septemdentatus, Ophiura albida, Ophiactis balli, Venus fasciata, Venerupis rhomboides, and Ebalia tuberosa and E. tumefacta. FINE GROUNDS. Cellaria sinuosa, and C. fistulosa, Ophiura texturata, Sertularella gayi and S. polyzonias, Echinocardium cordatum, Corystes cassivelaunus, Solecurtus chamasolen, Phaxas pellucidus. From the above description it will be seen that the fauna of the Rame- Eddystone Grounds resembles very closely that of the Eddystone-Start Point Grounds already described in Allen, 1899, p. 365 et seq. The fish fauna differs from that of the Corner Ground in scarcity of rays, but rather more flatfish such as brill, turbot and lemon-soles.
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Species List >Crossaster papposus
Eunicella verrucosa
Hero formosa
Maja squinado
Maja squinado
Ophiothrix fragilis
Ophiura albida
Sepia officinalis
Spatangus purpureus