Mewstone shell gravel/Mewstone Ledges

Lat/long Mewstone shell gravel/Mewstone Ledges
50 18.35N
50 18.20N
04 06.67W
04 06.89W
50 18.08N
50 18.21N
04 06.07W
04 06.39W

Location description (1957)
Mewstone Shell Gravel. On either side of the Mewstone ledge, and in patches amongst the rocks of the ledge, the soil consists of coarse shell gravel. In working a dredge over the ledge a mixed fauna comprising animals from the rocks and from the gravel is often obtained. The gravel itself may also be worked by dredge or Agassiz-type trawl from a smaII vessel. Species characteristic of this sheIl gravel are Venus fasciata (abundant), Venerupis rhomboides, Laevicardium crassum, Glycymeris glycymeris, Lumbriconereis impatiens, Glycera spp., Thecocarpus myriophyllum, Ebalia tuberosa, Eurynome aspera, and Echinocyamus pusillus.
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Bathynectes longipes
Doris sticta
Eunicella verrucosa
Ostrea edulis
Spatangus purpureus