Amphianthus dohrnii
Sea fan anemone

Amphianthus dohrnii
Sea fan anemone on Eunicella verrucosa.
Image width ca 2 cm.
Image: Keith Hiscock

Phylum Cnidaria
Class Hexacorallia
Habitat Information
It occurs attached to the branches of sea fans (%Eunicella verrucosa% and %Swiftia pallida%) and on other 'tubular' organisms such as %Tubularia indivisa%. Always sublittoral, sometimes in very deep water.
Species description
A small species of anemone rarely exceeding 10 mm across the disk, exceptionally up to 25 mm along the axis of the base. The colour is pink, buff, orange or red with streaks or splashes of opaque white.
PMF archive information
Species name is listed in the PMF at the following locations:
>Mewstone Shell Gravel/Mewstone Ledges

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