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In general the area covered by the list (the Plymouth Marine Fauna) stretches along the coast from Start Point in Devon to Looe in Cornwall and southwards to the outer Channel Grounds.  In addition, records are included for Salcombe, Torbay and Exmouth, and very occasionally elsewhere, such as the North Coast of Cornwall.
The Salcombe records are given in some detail as this locality has always been one of the chief collecting grounds for an intertidal fauna of unusual richness and interest, resulting from its almost completely landlocked situation.  It is easily reached by road from Plymouth and was extensively studies by Allen and Todd (1900) at the close of the last century.
The occasional records at Torbay, Exmouth, and else where are given to indicate where certain species, which are rare or absent in the immediate vacinity of Plymouth, can be obtained by a road journey from Plymouth of not more than two hours by motor car.
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