Castle Rocks

Lat/long Castle Rocks
50 13.75N
50 13.73N
03 46.47W
03 46.65W
50 13.76N
50 13.66N
03 46.41W
03 46.60W

Location description (1957)
Castle Rocks. Near the mouth of the estuary the shore consists of steeply sloping rocks or exposed sandy bays, and little ground of special interest faunistically is met with until Salcombe Castle is reached. Here, on the west side of the estuary, a rock outcrop with broken fragrnents and boulders spans the tidal zone. The rock being of hard schistose character (Hornblende and Mica Schists), the crevice-fauna element is largely lacking, but an interesting variety of forms occurs in the shelter of overhanging rocks, of boulders, and of the varied algal flora. Cucumaria, Caryophyllia, Cataphellia and Myriothela may be mentioned. Many species of compound ascidians occur here. Castle Rocks proper and their continuation northward to Woodville Rocks deserve more complete investigation. The sand which appears at L.W.S. just south of Woodville Rocks produces Ensis, Pectinaria and Yenerupis sarniensis.
Updated information Description updated in 1999
Species List >Asterias rubens
Cataphellia brodricii