Yealm Sand Bank

Lat/long Yealm Sand Bank
50 18.69N
50 18.89N
04 03.98W
04 04.09W
50 18.58N
50 18.56N
04 03.99W
04 04.12W

Location description (1957)
Yealm Sand-bank. The name has been used in the records to indicate a bank of fine to medium sand on the left bank of the Yealm River above the junction with Newton Creek, which is uncovered at low spring tides. The fauna is characterized by the presence in the sand of large numbers of Ensis arcuatus. Associated burrowing species include Venerupis pullastra, V. decussata, Spisula solida, Gari depressa, Leptosynapta inhaerens, Sigalion boa, Glycera gigantea, Nephthys caeca, etc.
Updated information Description updated in 1999
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