Looe-Eddystone Grounds

Lat/long Looe-Eddystone Grounds
50 16.45N
50 16.00N
04 20.92W
04 28.88W
50 12.75N
50 12.56N
04 20.15W
04 28.15W

Location description (1957)
The Looe-Eddystone Grounds (25-30 fm.). This name has been applied to an extension westwards of the Rame-Eddystone Grounds. The fauna is similar in general character to that of the latter grounds, but is particularly rich-the result, probably, of the presence of much rough ground intermingled with trawling ground. Echinus esculentus is plentiful, together with Pecten maximus and Chlamys opercularis, Solaster papposus and Porania pulvillus are also generally present in small numbers. Half-grown thornback rays (Raja clavata) are generally plentiful but flatfish are scarce.
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