Millbay Pit

Lat/long Millbay Pit
50 21.65N
50 21.58N
04 09.19W
04 09.43W
50 21.62N
50 21.55N
04 09.18W
04 09.43W

Location description (1957)
Millbay Pit. Just off Eastern King Point the rocky slopes of Millbay Channel shelve steeply towards its deepest part. At one point on this slope there is some kind of pit or cleft (? pipe in the limestone), into which a dredge may be lowered and worked in a circular track. Good hauls of the crinoid Antedon bifida are regularly taken here, accompanied by a few Ophiocomina nigra. Occasional clumps of hydroids (Nemertesia, etc.) and sponges (Suberites) are also dredged. Antedon have been observed settled on the steep slope at about 45 ft; but below this the configuration of the ground-though the site has been continuously worked for many years-cannot yet be described. The population of Antedon has never yet failed. No doubt it is sustained by the nutritive silt derived from the adjacent sewer outflow.
Updated information Description updated in 1999
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