Millbay Channel

Lat/long Millbay Channel
50 21.44N
50 21.67N
04 09.93W
04 09.12W
50 21.62N
50 21.53N
04 09.43W

Location description (1957)
Millbay Channel (1423 fm.). The deep channel from the bend southward of Devil's Point to the passage between Drake's Island and Millbay is a workable dredging ground. Formerly this was one of the most productive dredging grounds of the Sound, from the abundance of honey-combed limestone stones; but these have been depleted as a result, apparently, of harbour dredging operations some years ago. In the early l950s the ground between E. Vanguard Buoy and N. Drake's Island Buoy, and off Firestone Bay, yielded rather numerous paired valves of Venerupis pullastra filled with mud inhabited by Thalassema neptuni and Kellia suborbicularis. Near the N.W. Drake's Island Buoy Pandalus montagui may occasionally be caught by trawling in the main channel.
Updated information Description updated in 1999
Species List >Alcyonium digitatum
Bathynectes longipes
Metridium senile
Ostrea edulis