Psammechinus miliaris
Green sea urchin

Psammechinus miliaris
Psammechinus miliaris
Image width ca XX cm.
Image: Sue Daly

Phylum Echinodermata
Class Echinoidea
Habitat Information
Found intertidally on rocky shores under stones, boulders and seaweeds especially Laminaria saccharina. Also found subtidally in seagrass beds or on mixed coarse bottoms such as muddy sand and gravel.
Species description
An almost round, slightly flattened urchin that grows up to 57 mm in diameter (although more typically to 35 mm diameter). It is greenish in colour with distinctive violet tips to the spines. The spines are robust, short and closely packed.
PMF archive information
Species name is listed in the PMF at the following locations:
>Shores of Salcombe Harbour
Wembury bay
Wembury Church Reef

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