Barn Pool

Lat/long Barn Pool
50 21.42N
50 21.30N
04 10.18W
04 10.24W
50 21.33N
50 21.24N
04 10.10W
04 10.15W

Location description (1957)
Barn Pool (2-8 fm). In a bay under the north-eastern slope of Mount Edgcumbe is a rough trawling ground, notable for fish such as small wrasse and others frequenting rocky areas. Spinachia spinachia is also fairly regularly taken. At 3-4 fm. there are many stones densely covered by Dendrodoa grossularia, while at 5-8 fm. the bottom is soft mud with Myxicola infundibulum, Cerianthus lloydi, and scattered stones with Nemertesia antennina.
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