Asia Shoal

Lat/long Asia Shoal
50 21.58N
50 21.58N
04 08.87W
04 09.09W
50 21.46N
50 21.46N
04 08.83W
04 09.10W

Location description (1957)
Asia Shoal (5-7 fm.). Continuing eastward from the previous ground, in the region of Asia Shoal Buoy and eastward of it, and on top of the slope to the main channel, is a fairly level stretch of rough ground that has always provided productive dredging. The rock here is of limestone, of which fragments may be broken off by the dredge, but the rock is evidently mainly covered by mud and loose stones and clinkers. The stones are mostly of limestone, much perforated by the usual borers, but fragments of the shale and grit rocks of Drake's Island occur. The clinkers, like the perforated stones, provide cavities that are freely used by polychaetes (e.g. Polycirrus, Lagisca, Phyllodoce), small crustaceans, etc. Stones are often well covered with sessile and encrusting organisms, and may bear growths of hydroids, such as Kirchenpaueria pinnata and Nemertesia antennina, and branching polyzoans such as Bowerbankia. Among the sedentary forms Actinothoe sphyrodeta and Calyptraea chinensis are often common. Colonies of Phoronis hippocrepia, apparently scarcer than formerly, are occasionally found.
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