Whitsand Bay

Lat/long Whitsand Bay
50 21.48N
50 21.53N
04 18.66W
04 25.02W
50 18.56N
50 19.21N
04 03.30W
04 13.98W

Location description (1957)
Whitsand Bay (48 fm.). Another example of a shallow sandy bay, but being open to the south and west, it is subject to much more wave disturbance than Cawsand Bay. There is here also a great variety of the smaller crustacea, and Sepiola atlantica at one time abundant is stiIl generally present. The lamellibranch molluscs, Donax vittatus, Mactra corallina, Tellina fabula, Ensis siliqua, Lutraria lutraria and Callista chione are not infrequent in the clean, fine sand found in many parts of this bay. Corystes cassivelaunus and Astropecten irregularis, characteristic sand-dwelling species, are also often taken, though much less frequently than in deeper water. The early bottom stages of various species of flat fish and young rays are generally to be found in shallow water in various parts of this bay and Trachinus vipera is always present buried in the sand.
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Species List >Alloteuthis subulata
Sabellaria alveolata
Sepiola atlantica