Mewstone Amphioxus Grounds

Lat/long Mewstone Amphioxus Grounds
50 17.77N
50 18.26N
04 04.80W
04 05.48W
50 17.38N
50 17.70N
04 05.30W
04 05.95W

Location description (1957)
Mewstone Amphioxus Ground (10-15 fm.). About 1.25 miles to the south-eastward of the Mewstone (off Yealm Head) is a patch of shell gravel of finer and more uniform texture than that last described, which is one of the few localities in the Plymouth district where Amphioxus lanceolatus has been found. The fauna of this shell gravel is limited, but very characteristic. In addition to Amphioxus, the following are typical species: Conilera cylindracea, Ampelisca spinipes, Anapagurus laevis and Eupagurus cuanensis, inhabiting chiefly the shells of Turritella communis and Aporrhais pes-pelecani, associated with which Epizoanthus incrustatus is quite frequent and the hydroid Merona cornucopiae is often found, especially on the Aporrhais shells; Phascolion strombi, not uncommon living in mud-filIed Turritella and Dentalium shells; Ebalia tumefacta and E. tuberosa, Glycera lapidum and Onuphis conchylega. There is also a typical lamellibranch fauna similar to that of the Mewstone Echinoderm Ground, but including considerable numbers of Arcopagia crassa.
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