Looe Grounds

Lat/long Looe Grounds
50 19.33N
50 19.25N
04 21.40W
04 29.35W
50 16.45N
50 16.00N
04 20.92W
04 29.21W

Location description (1957)
Looe Grounds (27-29 fm.). Looe bearing north to north-west, distant 5-7 miles. The bottom consists of fine sand and gravel with outcroppings of rock. The buried fauna is similar to that of the shell gravels and sands already described -except for the absence of Amphioxus. The epi-fauna is characterized by an abundance of Echinus esculentus. Solaster papposus, Porania pulvillus and Palmipes membranaceus are constantly present in small numbers. Pecten maximus is common and Chlamys opercularis generally abundant, but large variations in its numbers commonly occur. This is also a good ground for obtaining fairly consistent catches of mixed fish-especially Scyliorhinus canicula, Raia spp., various flatfishes, gadoids (including small hake), gurnards and John Dory. In some restricted places Ophiothrix fragilis is plentiful.
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