Fine sand south of Mewstone

Lat/long Fine sand south of Mewstone

50 11.37N

04 06.55W

Location description (1957)
Fine Sand south of Mewstone (27-30 fm.). From 5-7 miles south of the Mewstone is a frequently worked trawling ground with a bottom of fine, clean sand. The fauna here closely resembles that found on the Inner Eddystone Trawling Ground (see Allen, 1899, p. 389). Characteristic and typical species are: Astropecten irregularis, Chaetopterus variopedatus, Aphrodite aculeata, Corystes cassivelaunus, Ophiura texturata, Alcyonium digitatum attached to shells, Chlamys opercularis, Cyprina islandica, Sertularella gayi and S. polyzonias, Thecocarpus myriophyllum, Cellariasinuosa and C. fistulosa, Ascidiella scabra, and Macropodia longirostris. The fish fauna is similar to that of the Corner Ground, but generally less plentiful.
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