Eddystone Shell Gravel

Lat/long Eddystone Shell Gravel

50 11.25N

04 16.51W

Location description (1957)
Eddystone Shell Gravel (23-26 fm.). Extending between about 4 and 6 cables N.N.W. of the Eddystone Lighthouse is a patch of rough, clean shell gravel where Amphioxus lanceolatus is present in quite large numbers. Up to 75 individuals have been taken in one haul of a 3 ft. dredge. Other inhabitants of this shell gravel, constantly present, but in smaller numbers, are Acropagia crassa, Venusfasciata, Gari tellinella, Solecurtus scopula, Conilera cylindracea, Ampelisca spinipes, Ebalia tuberosa, Echinocyamus pusillus, Lumbriconereis, Glycera, and Polygordius. A fair number of Gymnammodytes semisquamatus are generally present around the periphery of this ground. For further details of this ground see Smith (1932).
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