Winter Shoal

Lat/long Winter Shoal
50 21.52N
50 21.51N
04 08.45W
04 08.61W
50 21.44N
50 21.45N
04 08.43W
04 08.60W

Location description (1957)
Winter Shoal (2-8 fm.). The Asia Shoal ground ends in a bank of stones overlying black mud. An extensive bed of Mytilus (with many Ophiothrix) occurred here in the early 1950s, but has now (I957) died out leaving a deposit of shells. On these sheIls, and on stones, Calyptraea chinensis is abundant. Towards the southern side of the shoal the bottom is composed of a thin layer of gravel over the mud which is inhabited by Cerianthus lloydi. In this area many Crangon vulgaris and Pandalina brevitostris may be trawled during the winter.
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