White Patch

Lat/long White Patch
50 20.72N
50 20.73N
04 07.72W
50 20.67N
50 20.60N
04 07.57W
04 07.73W

Location description (1957)
White Patch (2-4 fm.). Close in under Staddon Heights, off Rams Cliff Point, a fine muddy sand is sometimes profitably worked, either with a D-net or with a dredge covered with stramin. After the mud is washed out and the finer fraction of sand isolated, Elphidium (=Polystomella) may appear in numbers. Several small crustaceans live in the surface layer of this deposit, including species of Ampelisca, Pontocrates arenarius, Diastylis laevis, etc. Nassarius reticulatus occurs freely on the surface, while the lamellibranchs Phaxas pellucidus, Syndosmya alba, and Thyasira flexuosa burrow into the substratum. Slightly farther offshore the sand is replaced by black mud inhabited by Myxicola.
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