Western Entrance

Lat/long Western Entrance
50 20.19N
50 20.18N
04 09.86W
04 07.72W
50 20.05N
50 20.04N
04 09.81W
04 10.17W

Location description (1957)
Western Entrance (7-9 fm.). On the southern margin of Queen's Ground, at about 6 fm., the dredge is loaded with well-rounded stones of varied composition, suggestive of a beach deposit, but probably in fact caused by present current action since the ground is barren. Farther to the south, level with the Breakwater Iighthouse, stones are dredged densely covered with the calcareous tubes of Pomatoceros, and others bearing growths of red weeds and hydroids. Various small crustaceans shelter amongst such encrusting growths, including Anthura gracilfs which occupies old Pomatoceros tubes. Big clusters of Tubularia indivisa have been taken here
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