Jennycliff Bay

Lat/long Jennycliff Bay
50 20.87N
50 21.20N
04 07.70W
04 07.47W
50 20.92N
50 20.64N
04 07.23W
04 07.53W

Location description (1957)
Jennycliff Bay (46 fm.). A little away from the shore, and clear of rock outcrops, a fairly extensive stretch of ground is regularly worked with the trawl. The bottom here is a sandy mud with a varying amount of seaweed litter and an occasional living Laminaria. The trawl brings up a collection of shrimps, prawns, crabs, and small flat-fish. Philine quadripartita is regular, sometimes abundant. Sepiola atlantica is also characteristic, as are small wrasse, gobies, dragonets, and pipe-fish. Nassarius reticulatus and Gammarus locusta are common.
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Species List >Alloteuthis subulata
Laomedea angulata
Sepiola atlantica